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Mars Hydro FC 6500 Samsung LM301B Osram Vertical Farm LED Grow Light

Applied as large multi-strip LED grow lights for large-scale commercial cultivation and high-quality home cultivation., FC6500 employs Samsung LM301B chips and a full spectrum light that is rich in red and blue and adopts a uniform photon distribution to maintain an even PPID and optimal PPF across the canopy. Wattage - 680w Personal Cultivation Coverage - 5x5 ft Commercial Cultivation Coverage - 4x4 ft   Commercial cultivator’s preferred light solution for single or multi-tier racking vertical farms and various indoor plant grow scenarios.

Mars Hydro FC-E6500 Bridgelux 730w Commercial LED Grow Light


FC-E6500 is densely mounted with 3978 pcs BridgeLux chips, resulting in an average PPFD of 1200umol/m²/s. Coupled with enhanced red and blue light, the yield is increased by 2.5g/watt, making the FC-E6500 suitable for large commercial herb cultivation.

Wattage - 680w Personal Cultivation Coverage - 5x5 ft Commercial Cultivation Coverage - 4x4 ft  

For Indoor Horticulture growers, from professional cultivators to hobbyists.

Mars Hydro TS3000 Full Spectrum Hydroponics 450w LED Grow Light

TS3000, as the biggest led grow light in TS series, offers enough coverage for 4x4 ft area with affordable price and quality yields, in return it's able to be applied to both home cultivation and commercial veg cultivation. Wattage - 450w Veg Coverage - 5x5 ft Flower Coverage - 4x4 ft The overwhelming choice for most growers applying in grow tent, small room, cabinet & closet, and plant shelves, and budget option for commercial vegetative cultivation.

Mars Hydro TSW2000 LED Grow Light + 120x120cm Indoor Complete Grow Tent Kits

Mars Hydro grow tent kits provide all you need to build an indoor grow room, avoiding the hassle of choosing the perfect grow tents, LED grow lights, inline fan, carbon filter, duct tube, timer, grow bags, plant nets, and hygrometer.