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Mars Hydro led grow lights


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Mars Hydro grow tent

Grow Tent

mars hydro grow tent kits

Grow Kits

mars hydro inline fan filter combo



Mars Hydro 6 Inch Grow Tent Clip Fan Auto-Oscillating Fan

  • Clip Fan Size: 6 Inch
  • Max Airflow: 315CFM
  • Optional RPM: 985 RPM \ 157T RPM \ 2181 RPM
Mars Hydro's newly released 6-inch clip-on fan for grow tents offers 3 fan speeds, adjustable head tilt, and automatic oscillation to provide sufficient, portable, and flexible air circulation and an excellent cooling experience for grow tents or real-life situations.

Mars Hydro 4 Inch Inline Duct Fan With Speed Controller

Mars Hydro inline fans are designed to ventilate hydroponic grow rooms, exhaust odors, and transfer heating/cooling air in terms of planting needs.

Mars Hydro 6 inch Inline Duct Fan with Thermostat Controller

Mars Hydro 6” Inline Fan uses a mixed-flow design to maintain peak performance in a high static pressure environment.

Mars Hydro 4-Inch iFresh Complete Fan Kit

  • Fan/Filter/Duct Size: 4 Inch
  • Airflow: 205CFM
  • Noise: 26.8dBA
  • Controller Type: Speed Controller
With a 4'' inline fan rated for 205CFM, an activated carbon filter with Australian charcoal, and a knob controller applied to allow easy switching and adjustment of the fan speed, the Mars Hydro 4 inch inline duct fan and carbon filter combo offers you everything you need to set up the ventilation in a grow tent. A good ventilation setup for grow tents measuring up to 3x3 feet.
mars hdyro fc-e led grow light

The Most Cost-Effective Choice for Indoor Growing

With Bridgelux LED chips & a detachable design, the FC-E series provides even PPFD distribution in every corner

Maximize Yields with High-End Samsung LEDs

High efficiency and full spectrum lighting, promoting healthier, more robust plant

Perfect for Beginners - A Classic LED Top Seller

Full spectrum grow light with a 25% increased light utilization rate via highly reflective material

mars hydro sp led grow light

Greenhouse-Optimized High-Performance LED Lights

Experience superb light penetration and excellent heat dissipation without blocking natural light


Start your cultivation now with a one-stop buy

Organize all the needed growing equipment in one package and grow your own as soon as the tent kit arrives.


A controllable growing space all to yourself

Give your plants a comfortable home that's completely under your control.


Refresh your indoor grow environment

Provide a silent & continuous supply of clean, CO2-rich air and maintains a dynamic airflow that regulates the environment.


Everything makes for easier indoor grow

Find yourself a handy tool for the entire growing process from germination to curing.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

14 Years of Independent Innovation

Conducted independent technical research and pioneered in the LED grow lighting industry for 14 years.

Local Aussie Warehouse

Secure and fast dispatch from 10 local depots around the world offering local express delivery within 3-5 business days.

24 Hours Guaranteed Service

Professional consultancy and responsive post-service are guaranteed within 24 hours by specialized Solutions Team.

grow on earth, grow with mars.

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