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Customer Reviews

Unexpected !!!

Really happy with my purchase. A little downsize is that you can't adjust the intensity. I am using it on a Aerogarden and I disconnect the original light and connect the MarsHydro - working really well. my tomatoes are till the sealing lots of flower and fruits.
Milancelos J

Great light for small grow tent

My chilli seedlings are loving this. Growth is very good. Only slight issue is coverage - set at about 70cm from ground, it JUST ABOUT provides enough coverage for my tent, which has a footprint of 100cm x 60cm. I'm doing twice-weekly tray rotations so the plants on the edges don't miss out. Heat build up is fine - the body gets a little hot, but with a small amount of ventilation it never gets so hot as to worry me. Keeps the tent at a perfect 23°C which the plants love. Tent is in an unheated room and I have no need for additional heating.
John Dyer

Excellent quality

Not used it yet but it seems good quality and very quiet. I bought this light because of the good reviews it has on YouTube. Hopefully will be the cure to my leggy plant issues as the cheap pink lights don’t seem to do the job.
Craig Neale


I have just started using this product and the results are amazing and I highly recommend them and there product from day 1 till present power settings very useful for stages love it
Christopher hutchison

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