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Mars Hydro FC4800 480W Samsung LM301B Osram LED Grow Light Indoor Hydroponics

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Superb Quality LED Chips: The whole light is composed of 1680 pcs Samsung lm301b chips. More than two times as many LEDs are used to drive the grow lights at low currents and to avoid overdrive. Qu...

Superb Quality LED Chips: The whole light is composed of 1680 pcs Samsung lm301b chips. More than two times as many LEDs are used to drive the grow lights at low currents and to avoid overdrive. Quality is guaranteed and efficiency is up to 2.85 μmol/j.

Even PAR Distribution and High PPFD Output: The multi-light bar design and the densely distributed light chips enable the LED grow lights to achieve the optimum PPFD required for plant growth over the entire effective coverage area.

Specifically Designed Spectrum: To ensure even plant growth, blue and red light are enhanced on the basis of a full spectrum combination. Not only does this accelerate plant growth, but it also improves the yield and quality of the plants at the same time.

Dimming Daisy Chain Function: The dimming function saves on electricity costs and enables brightness from 10% to 100% for the different stages of plant growth. A single master light can connect up to 30 lights in a daisy-chain system.

Business LED Grow Light: The light's wavy heat sink dissipates heat quickly. 180° collapsible feature for easier installation. All these features provide favorable assistance for commercial cultivation.

DLC Certified & 5 Years Warranty: DLC-certified LED grow lights have the highest standard in the industry, both in terms of quality and efficiency. Locally serviceable and with a 5-years warranty to solve any quality issues.











Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Brett Wood

Was super hyped to get this light, saved my ass off to afford it, it arrived in a week which was awesome for Australia, opened it like a christmas present, got the box open reached inside for my long awaited SLAPS (sticker sheet)..BUT...EXCEPT NO BLOODY STICKER SHEET..THE FAMOUS MARS HYDRO SLAP SHEET WAS NOT PRESENT, I THOUGHT IS IT JUST ME GETN FUCKED HERE? SO I WATCHED SILVERBACK NATION ON YOUTUBE THAT NIGHT, HE UNBOXES THE fc 300 U SENT HIM AND BAM!! HE GETS FUCKED AND NO STICKERS, I WATCH ANOTHER UNBOXING AND BAM THEY ALSO GET FUCKEDD OVER NO FUKN STICKERS you catching on yet....theres a whole bunch of your NEW customers and YOU FUKD US ALL OUT OF OUR STICKERS AND WE BLOODY WANT EM PLS AND WHERE NOT HAPPY I SPOKE THEM LIVE ON YOUTUBE STREAMS, so its kinda goin viral that we got screwed on our stickers, great light BUT WE WANT OUT STICKERS PLS <3 <3 <3 and you guys have been slack as fuck and left us empty handed with NO EXPLANATION HMMM????? Now i know your thinking..."come on mate there just stickers right?? NA UH...what u guys might not realuiuze yet is those stickers are highly sort after badges of pride and ownership, that we a re REPN your company, this series of lights is AMAZEBALLS, but those slaps, you know we love em, collect em, value them...SO I ASK YOU GUYS AGAIN , WHERES MY SLAPS? WHERE ARE SILVER BACK NATIONS SLAPS...WHERES....DA...SLAPS..???/...!!!!! Love you guys but a lil not kool

We are sorry that there are no stickers packed together with the item, as it's hard to go through the customs clearance . Hope you could understand.
If you indeed need the stickers, we could send you the pics through email, then you could print them out by yourself.
Best regards.

Bloody brilliant

Great value, sturdy construction and fast delivery.

Beth B
Excellent grow light.

Great Light with heavy duty wiring harness, have now purchased 3 of these and no complaints.


God said let there be light and there was light, I know MH says for a 4x4 However, give this naughty girl a run in a 3x3 and she��ll surprise you man! She��ll do things for you, that you��ve never had done before!

The best and getting better.

Loving these lights!!!! they are treating my girls great and look badass while doing it!!


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WATTAGE 480W±5%@AC120-277V
CORE COVERAGE 3'x3'=90cm x 90cm
MAX COVERAGE 4'x4'=120cm x 120cm
PPE 2.85μmol/j
PPF 1366umol/S
CHIP BRAND Samsung lm301B
SPECTRUM 380-410nm, 650-665nm, 730-740nm, 2800-3000K, 4800-5000K
AMPS 3.995A@AC120V2.024A@AC240V1.780A@AC277V
BTU 1636.8
WARRANTY 5 years
DIMENSION 830*820*100.5MM

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