Brighten Your Garden: Ignite Joy with Our 420 Sale!

Brighten Your Garden: Ignite Joy with Our 420 Sale!

Dive into the heart of the green season with our 420 promotion, running from April 3rd to April 30th. This year, elevate your gardening game with our compelling offers and a slew of benefits designed to enrich your planting journey. Explore the highlights of our 420 sale and see how it can revamp your gardening space:

Pre-420 Flash Sale (April 3rd to April 16th)

Elevate your gardening journey with our Pre-420 Flash Sales, where each week unveils new, unbeatable deals on select products, mirroring the jaw-dropping discounts of Black Friday. It’s a perfect opportunity to upgrade your gardening toolkit with premium items at a fraction of the cost. Plus, get a taste of the upcoming 420 Mega Sale excitement with exclusive pricing on select gear.

Unlock exclusive savings and surprises with our 420 Sale by subscribing through our promotional page! Dive into the celebration and instantly receive a 5% discount code applicable store-wide, setting the stage for endless gardening possibilities. But that's not all – your subscription also enters you into a thrilling draw to win the TS 600, a game-changer for any grow space, enhancing your cultivation with its advanced capabilities.

Spend $699 or more across our range to delight in a rotating selection of complimentary gardening essentials weekly. From pH testing pens and grow bags to timers, 4-layer drying racks, and clip-on fans, these gifts are curated to enrich your planting endeavors, offering a new surprise with each purchase.

And there's more – enjoy triple points on all purchases during this promotion, accelerating your rewards balance and unlocking new levels of gardening success.

420 Mega Sale (April 17th to April 23rd)

The pinnacle of our 420 celebration, the 420 Mega Sale, from April 17th to April 23rd, brings the spirit of our promotion to life. This phase offers expansive discounts across our product range, echoing the intensity and rewards of the preceding Flash Sale. Look forward to incredible savings on premium items like the FC-E4800, SP3000, Adlite Series, and iFresh Kit, all part of this exclusive sale.

Like the Flash Sale, a $699 spend across our site grants you access to a treasure trove of gardening essentials for free, enhancing your gardening experience with a mix of practical tools. Plus, with triple points on every purchase, your rewards accumulate faster, maximizing the value of your 420 celebration.

But there’s more—the 420 Mega Sale introduces daily lightning deals, featuring a new product each day with discounts up to 25%. These daily highlights are carefully selected to offer exceptional value on our most sought-after products, making it an ideal time to upgrade or expand your gardening toolkit at unbeatable prices.

Throughout our 420 Mega Sale, we’re thrilled to showcase our SP Series, FC-E Series, TS Series, Adlite Supplemental light, and iFresh Kits, all with irresistible deals poised to transform your gardening experience.

The SP Series — Up to 25% Discount

SP Series — Up to 25% Discount

Celebrate our 420 Sale with a focus on the innovative SP Series, designed meticulously for indoor cultivation enthusiasts. This series seamlessly blends design and technical prowess to cater to the specific needs of plants, particularly during their crucial flowering stage. With its single-bar design, the SP Series stands out, organizing numerous high-efficiency chips in a linear fashion on one LED bar. This is augmented by robust aluminum heat-dissipating fins, ensuring optimal operation temperature and light coolness even during extended use periods.

Among the series, the SP3000 shines as a beacon for growers aiming for perfection. It is equipped with high-quality Samsung LM301B chips and boasts a spectrum enriched with red light, making it ideal for tall and giant plants. The SP3000’s design facilitates high light penetration with minimal obstruction, positioning it as a preferred choice for both supplemental and main lighting in greenhouses. With a 300w wattage, it offers broad vegetative coverage of 3×5 ft and an intensive flowering coverage of 2×4 ft, ensuring that plants receive the right amount of light at different growth stages.

This 420 Sale, the SP3000 is available at 25% off, presenting a prime opportunity to enhance your indoor garden or greenhouse. Its efficiency, coupled with the SP Series’ focus on minimizing heat output while maximizing natural light integration, makes the SP3000 a strategic investment towards achieving optimal flowering and fruiting results.

The FC-E Series — Up to 25% Off

FC-E Series 

In the heart of our 420 Mega Sale, the FC-E Series stands as a beacon for growers looking for quality lighting solutions at a more accessible price point. This series, known for its blend of affordability and high performance, mirrors the celebrated qualities of the FC Series but is uniquely tailored for those keen on optimizing their initial investment without compromising on the outcome. The choice to equip the series with BridgeLux diodes represents a strategic decision to offer an economical alternative to the Samsung diodes typically found in the FC lineup, ensuring that growers still achieve top-tier yields through efficient and even light distribution.

The FC-E Series embodies efficiency and versatility, boasting features such as market-leading efficiency with high PPF output, uniform lighting with removable bars for tailored growth stage support, and dimmable functionality for energy control. Such attributes make the FC-E Series a smart choice for both personal and commercial settings.

The FC-E4800 exemplifies the series' commitment to comprehensive growth support, featuring advanced heat management with a detachable power supply and aluminum heatsink that effectively controls temperature while slashing electricity costs by up to 50% compared to HID lights. Its waterproof design, master light control, and full spectrum lighting further enhance its appeal, catering to the nuanced demands of soil and grow tent setups.

As part of our 420 Mega Sale, embracing the FC-E Series, especially the FC-E4800, means investing in a solution that not only promises significant savings but also guarantees a blend of premium features for optimal performance. During our 420 Mega Sale, the FC-E4800 will be part of an exclusive flash sale, offering an astounding 25% discount, allowing growers to harness top-tier cultivation technology at a fraction of the cost. For those aiming to elevate their cultivation journey while maximizing value, the FC-E Series during our sale period presents an unparalleled opportunity.

Adlite Supplemental light — Unlock Major Savings with Our Discount Code

Adlite Supplemental light

Step into our 420 Sale and explore the Adlite supplemental lighting series, a masterpiece of innovation designed specifically for the refined needs of indoor gardeners. With its state-of-the-art technology, Adlite delivers unparalleled spectral support, ensuring plants receive the precise wavelengths necessary for enhanced photosynthesis. This not only optimizes growth phases but significantly boosts yield potential. The series champions spectral efficiency, leading to faster, healthier plant growth and superior crop quality.

What sets the Adlite series apart is its ability to perfectly complement primary lighting systems, effectively bridging any spectral gaps. This creates a well-rounded and rich light environment that promotes consistent growth and vitality across the entire garden, setting the stage for increased yields and improved crop quality. Investing in the Adlite series means elevating your gardening potential, with a direct impact on your returns.

During our 420 Sale, the Adlite series becomes an exceptional deal with a unique combination of in-store discounts and additional savings available through an exclusive external discount code. This blend of discounts presents an incredible opportunity to integrate these sophisticated lighting solutions into your cultivation setup at a significantly reduced cost. The inclusion of Adlite in our lightning deal events further underscores its remarkable value, making this 420 Sale the perfect moment to enhance your cultivation with efficient, intelligent supplemental lighting. Unlock the full potential of your indoor garden with Adlite's advanced lighting, available now at an unbeatable price.

TS Series — Up to 25% Off Awaits

TS Series

The TS series, a lineup celebrated for its superior full-spectrum LED grow lights that cater to indoor plants from seedling to harvest. Known as the best-selling garden plant light series on the market, the TS series offers a perfect balance of PAR, rich in both red and blue light, crucial for activating photosynthesis. Its patented reflective hood design minimizes light scattering and boosts light intensity, making it a standout in energy efficiency. With such rewarding grow lighting performance, the TS Series sets a high bar in its price category, offering unparalleled value to gardeners.

The TS1000, a gem within the series, emerges as an ideal choice for novice growers. Designed to adequately illuminate 2-4 plants, it's praised for its affordability, significant yield improvements, and flexible output control. With a wattage of 150w and coverage tailored for both vegetative and flowering stages, it's perfectly suited for use in grow tents, small rooms, cabinets, closets, and on plant shelves, making it a versatile and beginner-friendly option.

Meanwhile, the TSL2000 steps up to offer expanded rectangular lighting coverage, accommodating 4-6 indoor plants or beautifully lighting up a decorative Floral Shelf. Its affordability, coupled with impressive yields, dimming, and daisy chain functionality, ensure its popularity. With a 300w wattage and generous vegetative and flowering coverage, the TSL2000 is equally adept at enhancing the growing conditions in a variety of settings, from grow tents to small rooms and beyond.

During our 420 sale, both the TS1000 and TSL2000 are available at up to 25% off, presenting an unbeatable opportunity to upgrade your indoor garden with some of the market's most efficient and effective grow lights. Whether you're a beginner looking for a reliable entry-point or a seasoned grower seeking to expand, this promotion offers significant savings on top-tier lighting solutions that promise to take your cultivation to new heights.

iFresh Kit— Smart Ventilation System

TS Series

In the spirit of our 420 promotion, let's highlight the innovative iFresh Kits, a smart ventilation solution that revolutionizes the way we approach air quality in grow tents. With its ability to supply fresh, cool, CO2-rich air or expel hot, humid, and odorous air, the iFresh series is at the forefront of optimizing plant health in closed growing environments.

Key to the iFresh series is its smart technology, which allows growers to effortlessly control ventilation through a mobile app. This includes manual speed adjustments or automated settings, ensuring optimal air conditions are maintained with minimal effort. The series boasts powerful EC motors and specially designed fan blades for up to 40% increased airflow, all within durable, water-resistant ABS plastic casings.

What truly sets iFresh apart is its real-time climate data monitoring and remote control capabilities. Growers can adjust conditions on the go, ensuring their plants are always in an ideal environment. The system's climate triggers and automatic loop timer automate ventilation based on pre-set temperature and humidity levels, eliminating the need for constant manual adjustments.

During our 420 sale, take advantage of up to 25% off on the iFresh series. This is a golden opportunity to integrate smart ventilation into your grow setup, enhancing plant health and simplifying your cultivation process with Mars Hydro's cutting-edge technology.

420 Deal Continues (April 24th to April 30th)

Missed the peak of our 420 Sale? No worries, the celebration isn't over yet! Our 420 Deal marches on from April 24th to April 30th, providing a second chance to snag those deals you might have missed. This continuation phase still boasts a plethora of discounts across our entire range, making sure you're not left out of our best offerings.

During this extended sale, every purchase will reward you with double points, sweetening the deal by boosting your points balance significantly. It's an ideal opportunity to rack up those points for future savings and exclusive perks on your gardening essentials.

Shop with confidence during our 420 promotion, backed by our 30-day price protection policy. If you find a lower price on an item you've recently purchased from us, just let us know. We'll happily adjust the price difference, ensuring you always get the best deal possible. Take advantage of this extended window to secure all your gardening necessities at the most competitive prices, all while enjoying the peace of mind our commitment to your satisfaction brings.

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This year's 420 brings the hottest deals to light up your grow space like never before. Whether it's essential grow lights or indispensable accessories, we've got everything you need to greenify your world. Subscribe to our promotions, enjoy significant savings, and elevate your gardening game with us this April.

Keep in mind, expert gardeners aren't just born; they're nurtured through experience and community. Let's embark on this growing journey together.

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