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Mars Hydro Smart FC 4800-EVO Samsung LM301H EVO LED Grow Light – Best Yield 480W lamp for 120x120cm Grow Tent


  • Wattage - 480w
  • Coverage - 120x120cm
Installed with Samsung LM301H EVO chips and sunlike full spectrum, Mars Hydro FC4800 utilizes a uniform photon distribution to acquire an even PPFD and optimal PPF across the plant canopy.

Add UR45 UV & IR Light to Level Up Your Plant Harvest!

Mars Hydro Smart FC4800 Samsung LED Grow Light with UR45 UV Light for Supplement(Pre-order before 5th Mar.)

Growing Light 1: FC4800 LED grow light Growing Light 2: UR45 UV light FC 4800 LED Grow Light featuring top-tier Samsung LM301B chips for unparalleled plant growth. Paired with the UR45 UV Light, this kit offers exceptional UV and IR supplemental lighting, ensuring optimal conditions for your plants. With coverage for a spacious 4 x 4 growing area, experience superior growth and yields in your indoor garden.