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Mars Hydro Smart FC-E8000 Bridgelux 800W CO² Vertical Farm Grow Lights LED and UV IR Light

Grow Light 1: FC-E8000 grow lights LED Wattage - 800w Personal Cultivation Coverage - 5x5 ft Commercial Cultivation Coverage - 4x4 ft FC-E8000 is an affordable alternative lighting solution for commercial cultivation in supplemental CO2 applications, delivering uniform PPFD around 1500μmol/m²/s at 10inch height, standard commercially-viable LED grow lights for all indoor horticulture adding extra CO2 like vertical farms, and indoor houses. For Indoor Horticulture growers, from professional cultivators to hobbyists. Grow Light 2: UR45 UR & IR LEDs UR45 UV and IR light supplementation within a white full spectrum grow light setup or tailored cultivation settings enhance various plant functions. It triggers flowering and dormancy cycles, expands leaf coverage, elevates nutritional value, and boosts biomass yield.  

Mars Hydro Smart FC-E8000 Bridgelux 800W CO² Vertical Farm LED Grow Light

  • Market-Leading Efficiency - Boasting a market-leading status, the FC-E8000 LED Grow Light is a cost-effective solution with 2.8 µmol/J PPE and Max 2.5g yield/watt. Giving a high PPF of 2231umol/S and suiting for 5'x5' Veg Coverage and 4'x4' Flower Coverage.
  • Versatile and Uniform Lighting - Tailored for personal and commercial use, it offers UNIFORM LIGHTING through removable bars, catering to plant growing stages. The dimmable feature supports easy dimming and daisy - chaining up to 20 lights.
  • Premium Features for Optimal Performance - With IP65 Waterproofing, master light control, and superior HEAT DISSIPATION, this grow light excels in both commercial and home horticulture.
  • Efficient Heat Management - The detachable power supply, remotely mounted for effective temperature control, and the Aluminum heatsink with slim profile bars reduce heat, cutting electricity bills by 50% compared to HID lights.
  • Comprehensive Spectrum for Maximum Growth - Designed for soil and grow tent setups, the grow light provides a FULL SPECTRUM GROW LIGHT experience with a Yield Max spectrum. Backed by a trusted 5-year warranty, it ensures a 100% Satisfactory Solution.
New version is not with UV and IR, we have single UV/IR bar light