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Mars Hydro Smart FC-E6500 Bridgelux 730w Commercial LED Grow Lights

  • Market-Leading Efficiency - Boasting a market-leading status, the FC-E6500 LED Grow Light is a cost-effective solution with 2.8 µmol/J PPE and Max 2.5g yield/watt. Giving a high PPF of 2026umol/S and suiting for 5'x5' Veg Coverage and 4'x4' Flower Coverage.
  • Versatile and Uniform Lighting - Tailored for personal and commercial use, it offers UNIFORM LIGHTING through removable bars, catering to plant growing stages. The dimmable feature supports easy dimming and daisy - chaining up to 20 lights.
  • Premium Features for Optimal Performance - With IP65 Waterproofing, master light control, and superior HEAT DISSIPATION, this grow light excels in both commercial and home horticulture.
  • Efficient Heat Management - The detachable power supply, remotely mounted for effective temperature control, and the Aluminum heatsink with slim profile bars reduce heat, cutting electricity bills by 50% compared to HID lights.
  • Comprehensive Spectrum for Maximum Growth - Designed for soil and grow tent setups, the grow light provides a FULL SPECTRUM UV IR GROW LIGHT experience with a Yield Max spectrum. Backed by a trusted 5-year warranty, it ensures a 100% Satisfactory Solution.
New version is not with UV and IR, we have single UV/IR bar light

Mars Hydro Smart FC-E6500 Bridgelux 730w Commercial LED Lighting with UR45 UV IR LED Lights


Grow Light 1: FC-E6500 lighting led

Wattage - 730w Personal Cultivation Coverage - 5x5 ft Commercial Cultivation Coverage - 4x4 ft FC-E6500 is densely mounted with BridgeLux chips, resulting in an average PPFD of 1200umol/m²/s. Coupled with enhanced red and blue light, the yield is increased by 2.5g/watt, making the FC-E6500 suitable for large commercial herb cultivation. For Indoor Horticulture growers, from professional cultivators to hobbyists. Grow Light 1: UR45 UV LED light UR45 light provides impressive UV bands of 365 nm - 420 nm and IR bands of 730 nm - 745 nm. Adding these high-quality UV & IR diodes to your grow space could significantly affect the quality and quantity of plants by harvest time.