How to Choose the Proper LED Grow Light for Different Environment?

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Although the growers who use LED grow light all adopt the method of indoor cultivation, but according to the different indoor cultivation environment, it can be divided into growing in the room directly, growing in tent, growing in greenhouse, growinging with multi-layer racks, etc.

Different growing environments have different requirements for LED grow light. At the same time, marshydro has a series of LED grow lights with different types of TS / SP / FC / FC-E.

How can we choose a suitable series of LED grow lights for different growing environments?

1.growing in the room directly

In this environment, we recommend you to use TS series lamps.

Because when you grow directly indoors, the energy efficiency around the lights may be reduced by dispersion.

However, the TS reflector-board can effectively solve this problem and improve the performance, then PPFD values in the corners are as efficient as the intermediate values.

2.growing in tent

When you choose to grow in a tent, one thing that cannot be ignored is heat dissipation. Although all of marshydro's lights have performed well in terms of heat dissipation, the temperature in the tent may still  be too high due to factors such as weather or unstable current, which is not conducive to plant growth, the reason why many growers in the tent will install carbon filter kits.

Therefore, it is undoubtedly a good choice to buy TS System Kits which has been matched with carbon filter kits. You could have all the equipment you need for growing in tent at one time.

In addition, the SP series with built-in heat sinks is also a great choice, especially when you are not willing to install  carbon filter kits.

3.growing in greenhouse

When growing in a greenhouse, it means that there is more sunlight during the day, which can provide plants with the energy they need for daytime growth.

At this time, it is necessary to consider that the shadow area cast by the lamp under the sunlight during the day is as small as possible, so as to avoid the adverse effect of the shadow on the growth of plants. Choose strip-shaped SP series lights, which can well avoid the risk of shadows.

4.growinging with multi-layer racks

When growing with racks due to the lower hanging height, a lamp with a uniform PPFD value like FC series / FC-E series is needed, which will not cause the high temperature to burn out the plant due to the low hanging. Besides, the shape design and coverage area of FC/FC-E are convenient for installation in large-scale growing.

The above are only suggestions based on environmental factors. When making a specific purchase, it is also necessary to consider specific factors such as growing area.

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