How to Choose Grow Lights among LED, HID and HPS?

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As we mentioned in the previous article, plant lights can continuously provide the light they need for the growth of plants, so what kind of plant lights should we choose is more suitable for plant growth? Light-emitting diodes (LED) are an increasingly popular choice. 

When choosing a planting lamp for a home planting room, you have many options. LEDs are not the only type of grow light. There are many high intensity discharge (HID) lighting systems on the market. Even in HIDs, you can also choose high pressure sodium (HPS), metal halides (MH) and ceramic metal halides.

Here is an overall breakdown:


It is easy to see from the table that HID/HPS lamps have many disadvantages:
1.HPS grow lamps require more power than LED lamps and are less energy efficient.
2.Compared with LED lights, HPS grow lights have a shorter shelf life.
3.The strong lighting of HPS makes adequate airflow and ventilation essential.
4.Setting the optimal temperature can be challenging, especially in confined spaces.
In the long run, HPS growth lamps greatly increase costs.


As a more advanced technology, LED provides many wonderful benefits for your growth space. Growers who like LEDs like LEDs for many reasons.
1.They are cooler
LED bulbs run colder than HID. Although the hotter the HID combustion, the higher the efficiency, but the higher the efficiency when the LED is cooled.
2.They are more energy efficient
Compared to HID, you can use low-wattage LED bulbs in your growth room. Compared with 300 watt LEDs, plant growth lights require 600 watts (W) HID.
3.They are easy to use
Since the LED light plugs into a standard wall socket, it is more intuitive for most home growers. No need to buy or set up a ballast.
4.You can customize the lighting
Since the LED grow light contains a single monochromatic diode, turning some diodes on and off will change the overall output color.
5.Costs have decreased over time
Advances in technology have further reduced costs. Although the cost is still higher than that of HID lamps, the view that LEDs are not worth the price is outdated. As time goes by, LED grow lights are getting cheaper.
6.They have a longer lifespan
In addition to saving costs by improving energy efficiency, LEDs have a longer lifespan.
7.They are good supplementary lights
LEDs can also supplement the HID on the head and increase the overall light intensity of the growth chamber.

Comparisons between LED and HPS lights clearly show that the LED bulb is the winner in a lot of factors. It saves you a lot of operating expenses due to built-in heat sinks. It also promises more energy efficiency than an HPS bulb. As they don’t lose efficiency quickly, they will only help you increase your savings over time.

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